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We understand how difficult it can be looking for the right employee. Peaky Finders do all the hard work so you don’t have to. Our team provide a proven, trouble-free approach to help you find the right person. We provide a fully-managed vetting process so we can filter applications on your behalf. Not only is it more cost-effective for you, but it allows you to get on with developing your business.

Peaky Finders specialises in professional recruitment. Join other organisations who are in need of finding talented individuals to recruit. Peaky Finders is your first step in taking the stress of recruitment off your shoulders and into the hand of experts.


Recruitment Strategy

One of the key things which helps to drive our strategy when it comes to recruitment is the understanding that highly professional people are in high demand. So we treat our candidates how we would do our customers. We try hard to get them to consider the jobs we have on offer. As a result, your business gets to choose from the very best.

Our unique recruitment strategy tailors to the individual needs of the client. By having your own Dedicated Recruitment Manager allows you to do deal with one person who understands your needs, your business and most importantly the value that you insist on. This understanding essentially promotes quicker turnaround times, a single point of contact, a stronger relationship and better value for money.

Our long-term goal is to ensure that there is a strong working relationship between client and staff.



We really value our partnership. Peaky Finders thrives off building strong relationships, not only with our clients, but also with the candidates who apply for jobs. Our team of experts offer a comprehensive range of services including: candidate attraction strategies, candidate screening process, interview preparation support, interview feedback support, candidate negotiation support and candidate acceptance support. Peaky Finders understands the recruitment industry very well and always progresses and evolves its understanding of every sector and every industry.

Your Account Manager with industry specific knowledge from day one! We are dedicated in building a long term relationship with our clients and strongly believe some of the best results are achieved through working in partnership

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360 Support

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Quick turnaround

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Job bank

Peaky Finders uses a powerful and scalable system by Job Bank. Job Bank allows us to manage jobs and clients in a professional and efficient manner which matches some of the worlds finest systems. A fully secure and flexible hosted system, Job Bank provides ease of use for every user. This piece of technology is one of the unique benefits in recruitment and we are proud of its simplicity and effectiveness.

You will have full management of the recruitment process using Job Bank which allows access to applications and track arranged interviews on your calendar. This makes our system a unique product like no other in the world of recruitment, giving you as much or as little control of the recruitment process.

We specialise in recruitment and we can back that up with countless recommendations and testimonials. Join the other businesses in their recruitment success and trust your next job post to Fersali. Fill in the form below today and we’ll be in touch for an informal chat.

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